Event Format & Judging

Please note that competition rules and criteria may change from event to event so always check back for the latest updates. The following scoring categories will be used: Speed, Angle, Line and overall Style.

The speed at which the car starts the drift and the speed maintained throughout a run. A speed gun will be used to measure initiation speed and will be discussed by judges from event to event on what they are looking at each individual track. A car must maintain as much speed as possible while staying in complete control. Any point at which the car slows below what it should will result in a loss of some/all points possible in this category.

The oversteer drift angle that the car is able to achieve through the various corner of a course. Angle is not measured by any instrument, and is variable from one car to another based on vehicle steering components and power level.

The line is the specified path that the judges present in the drivers meeting as the ideal way to navigate the course. Generally, the car should be high to the outside of the corner and then tighten down to get as close to the apex or designated “clipping point” as possible and the then swing wide again to the outside of the exit of the corner. Transitions between corners should be done in a controlled fashion.

The overall style of a driver is presented by overall presentation, aggressiveness and flow of the run while completing each individual run. Each judge will have 10 points to give for each run presented.


During the qualifying rounds each driver will have 2 runs in which they will have to perform. The scoring is as follows Speed 30 points, Angle 30 points, Line 30 points, and each judge will have 10 points to use on each run for style, also known as overall impact of the run. Top 16 drivers will have a chance to go head to head during competition, if a driver has not passed or met the Midwest Drift Union tandem criteria or fails to follow rules they will be force to give the bye to their opponent.

Points System:

Position Qualification Points Competition Points
1 16 35
2 15 28
3 14 25
4 13 22
5 12 20
6 11 18
7 10 16
8 9 14
9 8 12
10 7 10
11 6 8
12 5 6
13 4 4
14 3 2
15 2 1
16 1 0