Driver FAQ

Interested in driving in an SDU ProAM event this year? Make sure you read all the Q&A’s and go over the technical inspection sheet and rules so you’re on the right path to have the best time on the track.

Q:Can I drive at any event?
A:Yes, you can run all of the events organized and ran by Southeast Drift Union or partners running under the Southeast Drift Union sanction body. We have the mentality that every driver that comes out and has fun and is willing to learn will eventually learn how to drive. Practice sessions are always ran at all events before any competition. Even if it’s a competition, you can qualify and get feedback from veterans on what you can improve on.

Q: Do I need a FIA seat?
A: You do have to have an approved seat to compete during tandem competitions, but any seat is always good to have so that you are not all over the place in the cockpit of the car. Please look at the technical rules to give you an idea of what equipment is necessary for any and all events.

Q: Can I wear Shorts and sandals?
A: No. Jeans and closed toe shoes required for Single runs.

Q: Do I need a racing suit?
A: Yes if you plan on competing in the tandem competition, and a cage is also necessary to do so too.

Q: How many tires should I bring?
A: It all depends on the track and your power level. If its your first event bring more than you think you could possibly use and adjust from there for the following events.

Q: Are there tools at the track?
A: No, you should bring your own and do not rely on borrowing from people. However if a tire machine or air is available at the track it will be posted under event information.

Q: When should I get to an event?
A: Times are always posted in the specific event information and you should follow and know to show up always an hour before to pass tech and work on anything necessary to get on the track.

Q: Who is in charge at events?
A: Southeast Drift Union staff will always be wearing a staff shirt, or please locate Brad Foy for any technical advice and help before getting on the track.

Q: Who do I pay to enter an event?
A: Instructions on payment for the event, will usually be displayed on the event thread on our main website. You will need either a PayPal account or a credit card.

Q: I need medical attention who do I ask for help?
A: Please under any circumstance if you need any kind of medical attention let a Southeast Drift Union staff official or safety official on site.

Q: Am I allowed any pit passes?
A: Usually at each event one pit pass is given for entry to each driver, pit person should arrive with the driver at the time of check in.